Thematic Research Collection

The DARIAH VX Thematic Research Collection is an aggregation of heterogeneous materials designed to support discovery and research on the many primitives of and issues surrounding scholarly meetings. This collection exists as series of internal and external links with sources and publications. It is a living online exhibition and it is intended to grow and change in the lead up to the #DARIAHVX Event. Like a gallery or exhibition, we have placed these artifacts in a series of “rooms”. Additionally, utilising the affordances of the digital research environment, we have placed individual artifacts in a number of different rooms reflecting the multiplicity of thematic relationships.

Come in, explore, relax, reflect and be inspired!

Art in a Crisis
Exploring and Recording the Cultural Record
Virtual Tools & Technology Choices
Semi-Formal Knowledge Exchange
The Role of Space and Place
Inclusivity & Accessibility
The Value of the AHSS