Welcome to the Exhibition Space for the DARIAH Virtual Exchange Event on the Scholarly Primitives of Scholarly Meetings

We invite you to explore this collection of research publications, practical resources, personal reflections and other miscellany.  It is not exhaustive, nor does it intend to be authoritative in the conventional sense: think of it as an exercise in ‘critical making’ (Ratto, 2011) or, if you prefer, as a 19th Century ‘Wunderkammer’ built to exhibit an eclectic, personal, almost surely biased collection of found objects with the potential to tell a story between them.  Dig deep, or graze superficially, but do not feel you have to see it all (unless you want to!).  Instead, we encourage you to use it as a way of preparing yourself to make serendipitous connections and to think in a more informed or perhaps just different way about the many purposes served by scholarly meetings, in particular those in the arts and humanities, and the challenges our unexpected ‘virtual turn’ of 2020 has raised to these fundamental instruments for building our personal and professional identities.

Listen back to all plenary presentations from the DARIAH VX event, the art discussions and the vision behind the exhibition space and the virtual exchange event.

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