Knowledge Exchange


Welcome to the DARIAH VX Knowledge Exchange Exhibition.

Here you can explore a selection of resources and ideas exploring the many primitives of and issues surrounding scholarly meetings, together with a broader range of sources relating to the current COVID-19 crisis. This living online exhibition, organised by DARIAH-EU, will be updated from 21 until 28 May 2020. 

The exhibition acts as a pool of prompts and provocations for thought and conversation, a dialogue that will culminate in a 2-hour synchronous virtual exchange session on the 28th (from 14:00-16:00 UTC+1). Further information about the event, the team behind it, the topic and other COVID-related initiatives that inspired its structure are available here.

To facilitate and encourage serendipitous discovery, we have arranged the resources in the following formats:

  1. As a set of Thematic Research Collection;
  2. As a provisional list of scholarly primitives of scholarly meetings;
  3. As an exhibition “floor plan”;
  4. As a dynamic, multi-dimensional presentation.

Thematic Research Collection
A collection of heterogeneous materials on the many primitives of scholarly meetings
Scholarly Primitives
What are Scholarly Primitives? Why adopt a primitives approach? What are the primitives of scholarly meetings?
Exhibition Floor Plan
As part of the living exhibition, the DARIAH VX "Floor Plan" will be released following the event, follow #DARIAHVX on Twitter for updates
VX Presentation
Jennifer Edmond on The DARIAH Virtual Exchange Event and Exhibition Space