Programme Committee

Meet the team behind this event

Dr Jennifer Edmond, President of the Board of Directors of DARIAH-EU, Director of Strategic Projects and Associate Professor of Digital Humanities at Trinity College Dublin

Dr Jennifer Edmond is the President of the Board of Directors of DARIAH-EU, Associate Professor of Digital Humanities and Director of Strategic Projects for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in Trinity College Dublin and the co-director of the Trinity Center for Digital Humanities. She holds a PhD in Germanic Languages and Literatures from Yale University, and applies her training as a scholar of language, narrative and culture to the study and promotion of advanced methods in and infrastructures for the arts and humanities. 

Nicole Basaraba, PhD candidate in Digital Humanities at Trinity College Dublin

Nicole is a final-year PhD candidate in Digital Humanities at Trinity College Dublin.  She works in the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technologies and the School for Languages, Literatures, and Cultural Studies. Her transdisciplinary research focuses on the development of interactive transmedia narratives for non-fiction applications such as web documentaries, virtual exhibitions and mobile applications on topics of cultural heritage and draws upon various Digital Humanities methodologies including data mining and topic modelling.

Dr Michelle Doran, Research Fellow & Project Officer, Trinity Centre of Digital Humanities

Dr Michelle Doran is a postdoctoral Research Fellow at Trinity Long Room Hub and Project Officer for the Trinity Centre of Digital Humanities.  She holds a PhD in Medieval Irish Studies, and her principal research interests lie in the field of humanities research and the underlying epistemological and ideological premises.  She is module coordinator of the Digital Scholarship and Skills workshop series hosted by the Trinity Long Room Hub and facilitates a number of workshops on the subjects of Digital Humanities, Data Management Planning and Digital Scholarly Editing.

Vicky Garnett, DARIAH-EU Training and Education Officer

Vicky is responsible for the training and education resources and activities of DARIAH-EU. Prior to joining DARIAH, Vicky worked on the PARTHENOS project, developing and editing training materials for the PARTHENOS Training Suite, on the Europeana Cloud project and the DigCurV project. In addition to working in Digital Humanities projects, Vicky has recently completed her PhD in Linguistics.  

Eliza Papaki, DARIAH-EU Outreach and Communications Officer

Eliza Papaki is Outreach and Communications Officer for DARIAH-EU at Trinity College Dublin. She completed studies in History and Archaeology and holds an MPhil in Public History and Cultural Heritage from Trinity College Dublin.  Before joining DARIAH, Eliza worked in different Digital Humanities projects in the area of user requirements and scholarly communication.

Dr. Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra, DARIAH-EU Open Science Officer

Erzsébet works as the Open Science Officer of DARIAH-EU where she is responsible for fostering and implementing policies and practices related to the open dissemination of research results in the humanities. She received her PhD in Cultural Linguistics and also has a background in scholarly communication.