Talking COVID

While there are those who would prefer not think about the pandemic we are currently all muddling our way through, there is no doubt that it remains directly or indirectly present in nearly every Zoom call, every Facebook post, and every tweet.  So here we present some responses from the community about the pandemic.

German humanities scholars and the pandemic
Click here to view an article from Times Higher Education on the contribution that humanists in Germany are making during the pandemic (opens in new tab)

AVOBMAT COVID-19 dataset
The AVOBMAT research tool is now being used to gather bibliographic metadata and texts on COVID-19 (opens in new tab)

Journal of the Plague Year
A collections of responses and journal entries from mostly US-based humanities researchers (opens in new tab)

Irish Humanities Alliance response to COVID-19
See the Strategic Response to COVID-19 from the Irish Humanities Alliance (opens in new tab)

Open Science Tools and COVID
DARIAH's Open Science Officer, Dr. Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra, has compiled a list of Open Science tools and services that may come in handy during this pandemic (opens in new tab)

Coronavirus Visualised
The Financial Times has kept an up-to-date series of visualisations of statistics from several countries around the world (opens in new tab)